Known worldwide as an industry leader, Osprey creates innovative high performance gear that reflects its love for adventure and its devotion to the outdoors. Osprey succeeds only when its most discerning customers’ expectations are met, and they are proud to use Osprey packs.

Osprey specializes in packs and packs only.


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Have you ever wished that everyone you know and meet can see and enjoy what you love about your country?

It was this wish that inspired Navette Nature to ​​organize a transport to the National Parks and other natural beauties of Quebec. La Nana is the easiest way to access the marvelous Quebec areas that characterize our province so well.

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At 4000 Hikes, the primary goal is to discover the most beautiful landscapes on the planet! Thus, these outdoor enthusiasts often go looking for the most amazing places in the world to make us discover them through their beautiful pictures. Photographers and specialized first in mountain hiking, they also do a lot of other activities.

In short, 4000 Hikes is an authentic outdoor guide to inspire you to discover the beauties of nature!


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Cheveux gris et sac à dos is a blog to share travel experiences with other enthusiasts. Whether you are experienced or novice, you will find plenty of information provided by the authors: their tips and advice, their findings, downloadable workshops, not to mention their turnkey routes.

Cheveux gris et sac à dos is a 61 and 52 years old couple who wants to prove that backpacking is not only for younger generations.


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Allo Destinations is a Montreal travel company that specializes in personalized packages and small-group trips. Led by a team of passionate travelers, Allo Destinations helps discerning travelers in their search for authentic experiences by offering customizable tours as well as à la carte services such as typical lodging, possibility of tours with driver guides and homestay experiences.

Morocco, India, Vietnam, Ecuador … a dozen thrilling destinations, tours that promote exchange and openness to local culture in a comfort and a very affordable environment: It’s the recipe for travel that makes you vibrate


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