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ARIEL AG™ 65 – Osprey

Osprey’s Ariel AG™ 65 L

The ARIEL AG™ 65 L is the step before the tent trailer. With 6 exterior pockets and access to the main content from the top or the bottom, it allows you to bring all your junk.  The Anti-Gravity™ technology combined with the ability to zip a daypack on it allow you to become the coquettish amazon that lies dormant in you!

Winner of Outside Magazine’s Equipment of the Year Award 2017

More Info

More info

It is the ultimate hiking and mountaineering backpack for women! It is large and spacious enough to carry all the necessary equipment for long-term hikes. Whether it is to carry your tent, your sleeping bag and the essentials for cooking, or, equipment, boots, gear and your boyfriend’s stuff, you won’t run out of space!

With its narrow and elongated design, it brings the load closer to your back and makes it more stable. This way, the weight is transferred from your shoulders to your hips. We know that you already have enough on your shoulders at your job.

Technical Specifications
Best Use
Travel, Outdoor, Hiking
Gear Capacity (L)
Number of Exterior Pockets
Hydration compatible
Carry-On Size
Fits Torso (cm)
S (40 - 48)
M (46 - 53)
Dimensions (cm)
80H x 39W x 32D
Weight (lbs)
Load range (lbs)
Pack Access
Top, Bottom
Custom Fit

The shoulder straps and the CM™ ISOFORM5 belt provide an exceptional fit and comfort for heavy loads and long hikes. These elements will make you sing ‘’I believe I Can fly’’, even if you can’t stand R. Kelly’s music.

Anti-Gravity™ technology

Osprey’s Ariel AG™ 65 L features a continuous, suspended back panel made of lightweight mesh extending from the upper torso through the lumbar area of the backpack. But that’s not all… oh no, there’s also:


  • An adjustable suspended harness with structural load lifter bar. It transfers the backpack’s weight onto the suspension and to your hips.
  • The Anti-Gravity™ suspension, with its tensioned Lightwire™ full peripheral frame that comfortably transfers the pack load.
  • The Anti-Gravity™ top to bottom suspended mesh back panel wraps the shoulders, back and hips. You get a fully integrated backpanel fit.
  • The lower part made of cut foam, the upper part covered with ExoForm™ mesh, the adjustable sternum straps, the inside-Out™ compression straps, the additional access to the main compartment, the integrated FlapJacket™ cover for lidless use, an internal hydration tank pouch, and as if it wasn’t enough, a large front J-zip access to main compartment!


In short, Osprey’s Ariel AG™ 65 L, with the Anti-Gravity™ technology, really offers an unrivalled comfort. All accessories and straps on the pack are adjustable, to make sure you don’t look like a roastbeef.