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Ultralight Dry Sack – Osprey

Osprey's Ultralight Dry Sack

The ultralight dry sack is the ultimate piece of equipment to make sure your backpack packing doesn’t end up with “… Damn!”. In addition to being waterproof and to keep your material dry, you can use it as a washer. All you need is some water and a drop of soap to do the laundry the old way!

It also allows the sorting of your backpack by color, in order for you to quickly locate the gear you need. It can also be used to separate the material you carry and optimize the storage room of your backpack, while avoiding headaches when the time comes to repack.

bpackr recommends the use of at least two ultralight dry sacks, one for clean clothes and one for storing dirty laundry.

More Info

More info

Key features

Roll top waterproof closure. Waterproof coated fabric and seams. Rectangular shape for efficient packing.

Technical Specifications
3L : 183 in³
6L : 366 in³
12L : 732 in³
20L : 1220 in³
Dimensions (cm)
3L : 22H x 16W x 8D
6L : 28H x 18W x 10D
12L : 40H x 22W x 13D
20L : 20L x 26W x 16D
Weight (kg)
3L : 0.02 kg
6L : 0.03 kg
12L : 0.04 kg
20L : 0.05 kg
Things you need to know

▹ Size : 3L, 6L, 12L, 20L
▹ Waterproof storage / Non-submersible
▹ Color : Random