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Ultralight Raincover – Osprey

Osprey's Ultralight Raincover

A raincover is an essential piece of equipment if you’re not in control of the weather … quite frankly, the opposite would surprise us!

A raincover does what it has to do: it keeps your belongings dry. In addition to completely waterproofing your backpack, it takes up very little, to no space. Why not give it a try?

More Info

More info

Key features

▹ Ultralight Raincover Extra Large – Recommended for 70+ liter packs (0.22 lbs – 0.1 kg)

▹ Ultralight Raincover Large – Recommended for 50-65 liter packs (0.2 lbs – 0.09 kg)

Technical Specifications
Weitght (kg)
Large : 0.09 kg
Extra Large : 0.1 kg
Perfect fits on
Large :
▹ Stratos 50L Osprey
▹ Viva 50L Osprey
▹ Ariel AG 65 Osprey

Extra Large :
▹ Aether AG 70 Osprey
Things you need to know

▹ Size : Large – Extra Large
▹ Waterproof protection / Non-submersible
▹ Color : Random